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Multichannel CMS for agencies and creative professionals

Multi-channel CMS for agencies

  • Publish content anywhere
  • Unique Live Editor
  • Fully hosted solution
  • More features

We will launch soon. Bee the first to know.


  • Publish content to desktop and mobile web, affiliates, social networks, mobile apps, microsites. Yes, anywhere!
  • Add/Create new channels whenever you want to
  • One-Click publish to all channels
  • About Multichannel Publishing

Cloud CMS

  • Fully hosted solution with all backup and security support
  • Built on Java and Mongo DB
  • Unprecedent speed
  • Ready to integrate with other cloud services
  • More features

For agencies

  • Client / Developer separation of the system
  • Develop using JavaScript and HTML
  • Staging mode for experiments
  • Transfer new features to Live website with click of a button
  • Features for agencies


  • Maintain meaning within content
  • Publish webservices with zero effort
  • Use microformats for better SEO
  • More features